Learning objectives for each game in ilmspired

Game name Objective Level
Washing for Wudhu To be able to do wudhu in the correct order including extended shahadah at the end.To know circumstances in which wudhu is broken. 1
5 Pillars To learn the 5 pillars in Arabic and what they mean in English. 1
Hiding from Allah To understand that Allah sees everything and that it is impossible to hide from Him. 1
Easy Ways to remember Allah To learn 6 common Islamic phrases e.g. Bismillah, Assalamu alaikum, Alhamdulillah and when to use them. 1
Memory match prayers To memorise the names and timings of the 5 daily prayers. 1
Fard rakat slam dunk! To learn the number of fard (compulsory) rakats (units) in each prayer. 1
Purrfect Behaviour To understand the importance in Islam, of treating all creatures kindly. 1
Keep it Clean! To have an awareness of problems in the environment and to offer suitable solutions. 1
Character goals. To give examples of the Prophet’s character and to understand that is a reason we love him. 1
Fasting Facts. To have a basic understanding of what fasting is. 2
Du’a for sleeping/waking up To memorise the du’a before sleeping and when waking up. 2
Family tree of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) To know the names and relationships of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) immediate family members and what we say after his name and the names of his companions. 2
Seerah timeline (simplified) To assemble a simplified timeline of key events in Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) life. 2
Speed match Prophet names To know the Arabic names and English equivalent of the 25 prophets mentioned in the Quran. 2
My Hajj suitcase To learn why certain items are appropriate to pack for Hajj and why others are not. 2
Choosing good friends To recognise qualities of a good friend and a bad one. 2
Calculating Zakat To understand that zakat is 2.5% of savings to be given as charity and to make simple calculations. 2
Sunnah rakat target To learn the number of sunnah rakats (units) in each prayer and that they are recommended, not compulsory. 2
Salah & Sawm goals To learn and categorise some benefits of salah and sawm. 3
Du’a for entering/leaving masjid To memorise the du’as for entering and leaving a masjid 3
What is Islam? To understand that Islam is a holistic religion which balances faith and action, belief in God and service to the community. 3
Seerah timeline (extended) To be able to assemble a more detailed timeline of key events in Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) life. 3
Pilgrimage Path To learn each stage of how Hajj is performed in the correct order. 3
Prophet story goals To understand lessons from stories of the prophets and how they can apply to our lives. 3
Khushoo board game To define khushoo and explain some ways of achieving it to improve the quality of our prayer. 3
Consequences To understand that our actions, positive or negative, always have consequences. 3
The h8ful 8 To realise the impact of negative behaviour such as dishonesty, envy, hypocrisy etc. 3