ilmspired is an innovative educational app and website that teaches children aged 5-11 knowledge of Islam in a fun and relevant way. Launching with 21 games, InshaAllah, our plan is eventually to teach an entire primary Islamic curriculum through interactive games, inspirational biographies, stories and more InshaAllah.
Designed by an experienced Islamic Education teacher, each game is linked to a learning objective and assessed through multiple choice tests. Parents have a dedicated section with detailed guidelines on how to maximise your child"s learning.

Be ilmspired!

Our Aims:

  • To create a high quality interactive website and app for children aged 5-11 to learn Islamic Education.
  • To teach children a sound knowledge of basic Islamic principles and practices and the reasons behind them.
  • To emphasise core Islamic values of respect, compassion and tolerance.
  • To use a range of methods including interactive games, stories and biographies to excite and inspire so children can feel proud of their faith.
  • To address topics in a way that makes Islam relevant in their lives.


ilmspired has been created by Sadia Irfan, a specialist in Islamic education and a primary school teacher for 20 years in the UK and UAE. She graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Modern History, and completed her teaching qualification at the University of Surrey. A conviction that Islam balances the best of East and West led her to community volunteering, such as school presentations about Islam and mosque visits for schools. In 2007, Sadia became the first non-Arab teacher approved by the UAE’s government authority for education to teach Islamic Education. She despaired of the staid and rigid rote learning methodologies used to teach Islam to school children. So instead she designed an interactive new curriculum that was singled out by inspectors as a key strength in the only school in Dubai to be consistently rated as outstanding. Following her success in the classroom, Sadia’s vision was to reach a wider audience and bring Islamic Education into the 21st century through the power of technology. Islamic learning should be fun, relevant and inspirational. ilmspired is the realisation of that vision. ilmspired is a family effort. Sadia’s daughters, Sana and Imaan, provide narration; her son, Sulaiman, is Executive in Charge of Testing. Her nieces, Safa and Huda, drew the illustrations, and hubby makes the tea, voices Salaambot (and manages the corporate side of things).