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Ilmspired is the first curriculum based Islamic education app and website. It builds a strong foundation of Islamic knowledge and principles for Primary aged children. All content is based on Quran and sunnah and created by an experienced Islamic Education teacher. Learning becomes interactive and fun!

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  • Fun and thought provoking games

    Children learn basics of Islam through interactive games ranging from sports themes, memory match, cleaning the environment and more!

  • Fits easily into your planning

    Each game is linked to a learning objective. You can assess by creating your own tests or using the ilmspired test section as inspiration.

  • Inspirational biographies

    Teach children about real life role models including Early companions, athletes, historical figures and scientists.

  • Stories of the Prophets

    Beautifully illustrated with optional audio. Key messages from the stories made relevant to children.

  • Personalised dashboard

    Your school will have its own, secure dashboard to manage teachers, students, set tests and track pupil progress. Learning is through the app.

  • Ideal for online learning!

    Create bespoke multiple choice tests based on the app or anything else! Students can access from the ilmspired app.

  • Track pupil progress

    Student scores trackable by the teacher. Leaderboards to encourage healthy competition!

  • Free updates

    Content will be updated regularly and included as part of your subscription.

Subscription Packages

Package Name Bronze Package Silver Package Gold Package
Package duration
Price $400 $1

Discount Ends on February 24, 2023

$700 $350

Discount Ends on May 19, 2023

$900 $450

Discount Ends on May 19, 2023

Teachers 2 5 20
Students 60 150 600
Supervisors 1 2 5

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  • Once you subscribe, you will automatically be directed to your personalised dashboard.
  • Just follow the tutorials to get started!
  • Enter teacher details to generate passwords which will be emailed automatically to them.
  • Teachers can create student passwords.
  • Students can use these details to log into the ilmspired app from their tablets.
  • You can also log in from
  • Yes! To manage your subscription, go to ‘View Subscription’ on your dashboard and select what you want to do. Please note that refunds cannot be issued if you cancel before your subscription expires.
  • Automatically generated passwords are emailed to the user.
  • Teachers will be able to view passwords for their students from the web application.
  • Teachers or students can change or reset forgotten passwords by clicking ‘Forgot password’ on the app when they log in.
  • Yes, we plan to add more content on a regular basis.
  • All updates are included for free in your subscription.
  • The school admin is typically a senior member of staff – a Headteacher or Head of department and has the authority to pay for the subscription and add supervisors or import data for the whole school.
  • The school supervisor can add all classes in the school, allocate teachers to each class as well as manage students and topics.
  • Teachers can add students to their own class, set bespoke quizzes and generate reports.
  • As per GDPR, we will not be able to see your student lists, usernames or passwords.
  • The school will be able to edit, add and delete student information. Ilmspired does not take responsibility for the school’s management of information.
  • Students should download the ilmspired app from the App Store or Google Play on their tablet. They can log in using the user name and password given by the school.
  • Click the Schools icon.
  • They will see the test set by their teacher as well as instructions on what to do.
  • Test scores on bespoke tests can be seen by the teacher and student
  • Teachers can generate a report which shows the test scores for each student.
  • You don’t need to enter student information every year. Simply click the Promote button in the Manage students section and select which year group your class will move up to. This can be edited to reflect leavers, new students etc.
  • Only a completely new set of students in a class will need to be added annually.
  • Student information for those leaving the school should be deactivated.

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